Versions 2017 Volunteers

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 21.01.41.png

I applied and got the opportunity for being a volunteer of Versions 2017, which was an annual conference on creative practice and virtual, augmented and alternate realities, co-presented by the New Museum's incubator--New INC, and digital media company Kill Screen. 

As a volunteer, I helped out through the conference and workshops. During the two days volunteering time, I tried to help people experiencing the VR (Virtual Reality) application as a VR demo assistant. When people came, I would explain for them how the technology and the headsets work, then helped them to put on the gears. Also, I helped the attendee Check In at the workshop front desk. The whole experience was pretty fun and I learned a lot from it. I haven't had such an experience before helping people use VR headset, and figured out all kinds of responses people might have or problems people could encounter. Also, this was the first time I learned how a successful tech conference was organized and executed.