Team Maloney 

Web UX/UI Design

TeamMaloney_Macbook Pro Display Mockup.png

Redesign the website for the personal trainer Michael Maloney to help boost the business 

Client: Team Maloney

What I did:

  • Redesign the UX/UI and maintain the website

  • Collaborating with the client to craft a custom website and developing the brand visuals

Design Process


Existing Website Team Maloney

The issues for the existing website are:

  • Information is not organized well enough, for instance, same information but with different descriptions and buttons/tabs.

  • The user flows are complex and not structured well

  • Social Media not highlight enough

  • Visual design could be updated


Research & Ideation

Coach Maloney wants people could easily find the different trainings he provided and sign up / reach out to him through filling up the form on the website. Also, demonstrating the testimonials of his client is another important feature. He wants to make the website simple, sharp and clean. Some some top highlights he wants to focus on his business website are: 

  • Different Trainings Sign up

  • Access for shopping the supplements

  • Testimonials from the clients

  • Responsive. Needs also easily to use on mobile devices.

Other trainers, instructors personal websites:

Before starting, I made some research. checking out other personal trainers, yoga instructors of their websites, learning the patterns, good and bad from those websites. The takeaways of the research is those business websites all have similar features: basic info, services they provide, the contact/book the appointment, testimonials. Using bigger images to showcase the trainers is a way to show customers their profession.

However, sometime it is not easy for people to navigate and find what they want, for example, not enough highlighting of the important feature(lack of information display hierarchy), so people might take sometime to find what they want to do.

Logo Design

I helped Team Maloney to polish its current logo. I added the text surrounded the “TM” Logo, putting “New York City” and “The Art of Training” around .

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 17.56.18.png

Prototyping & New Design

Redesign - Hi-Fi Prototype