For the graduation project, my team built a guiding application for our school’s historic museum, and I was in charge of the user interface design.      

There are four different functions in the application, including showing the historic documents, the information of our sister schools, the theme music of our school and photography with our principles by using AR(Augmented Reality) technology.

Our application “Museum Guider” eventually won the third place in the graduation project competition, and the application is still in the use in our school. 



Partner Schools Information UI design 

Users can easily scroll up and down to select the different countries on the left side, meanwhile, they can scroll right and left to search for different schools in the bottom.

Other functions include changing languages (Mandarin or English), link to the school’s official website and the link of that school’s promotion video clip.



Another function of the Museum Guider is “Photo with the Principles”, allowing users to take a photo with every principles of our school by the technology of AR(Augmented Reality). User stands beside a AR marker, and on the tablet’s screen will show up a image user standing beside the principle.


We worked with our school National ChengChi University for this application, and we demoed it on our school's 85th Anniversary's Homecoming Day for the alumni. The feedback was good, everyone used it felt that it was really cool and fun.