EBG: Ticketsatwork— Design Assignment


Provide overall impressions and thoughts of the user flow and customer experience.

Product Page optimizations: Propose 3-5 optimizations/ enhancements you would introduce to improve conversion and AOV (average order value).  Provide visuals: wires, design or working prototype.


After getting the task and the links of the product page, I came up with the prompts for this two pages

Universal Orlando Resort™ Most Popular Deals

Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort™

Design Process


Get visitors to convert. Improve AOV (average order value). Higher Sales.

Contextual Research

I started to do some contextual research, browsing and looking at other similar type of websites( E-commerce, especially ticket selling ). Some patterns I found include: bigger imagery offering a more visual experience, clear Call to Action Button, large searching bar.

Comparatives, Similar Websites:

User Journey:

I spent time to click and get familiar with each pages of TicketsatWork. I mapped out the user journey (user flow) for how to complete the two tasks — how to successfully navigate and get to the two product pages. I believe a seamlessly navigation and easy to find what you are looking for is one of the keys to a better user experience.

I found out there are multiple places(buttons) that lead to the same destination, but also found out a transition page (another Universal Orlando Resort™ page) that serves similar purpose as the main page(Universal Orlando Resort™), which might be confusing.

Purchasing Tickets & Check Out Process.png

Ideation, Identify Problems

Initial Overall Impressions & Thoughts


After I did the contextual research, and came up with the user journey on TicketsatWork, I listed out some issues that could be improved and optimized.

  • Landing page has too much clutter in the form of navigational links, too much Information(words) displayed caused distractions, difficult to navigate.

  • Missing website standard features, for example: no shopping cart, search bar is not obvious.

  • Website design is not intuitive.

Prototype 1

Interactive Prototype: https://invis.io/3GQ7SOCUTDZ#/343276982_NoLog_Redesign

Based on the research, I made the first revamp version of the website, focusing on improving the navigation experience, making the information more accessible and easier for people to find what they need and have less confusion, and overall trying to make the website cleaner and simpler.

Key changes and rationale:

  • Clear Log in. On landing page, make the “Log In” and “Sign up” simple and easy to see at the top right.

  • Increase Visuals. Use bigger imagery to provide more visual experience. Picture is easier to perceive information than texts.

  • Add Ecommerce Icons. Add the user account Icon, and Shopping Cart Icon

  • Information hierarchy. Rearrange the information display, make it more organized and display in hierarchy, showing less information at the same time.

Interview & User Testing

  • Mandy Wu - Taxes Operation Assistant

  • Olivia Cabello - UX Researcher/Designer

  • Angela W - Digital Artist/Media Producer

  • Nico Hsu - Architecture Graduate Assistant

I interviewed and user tested four people to get more insights of the TicketsatWork and my first prototype. The feedback I received are really helpful and gave me more ideas for the next design iteration.


ticketatwork Website

  • Too much information, distractions, don’t know where to focus

  • “Buy Ticket” button is confusing

  • Two of the users use the header on top to find what they want, one use search bar, one cannot find the search bar so scrolled down to find the image/icon

  • Information is not clear and confusing (Not sure what’s the difference between those deals)

  • Naming and wording(description) need to improve (one person even go to Google the words)

  • No shopping cart (Everyone found that)

  • “Save” feature to save the deals

  • Click continue shopping, expected to go to the home product page, not the page just left

  • The deals are good, but the overall layout is too much stuff, so don’t know what to look at

  • A lot of images look like advertisement or spams

Prototype 1

  • Cleaner and less overwhelming

  • The placement of Hotel deals is confusing

  • Prefer to use calendar to find the show ticket available date

Final Design - Prototype 2 (Iteration)

Interactive Prototype: https://invis.io/3GQ7SOCUTDZ#/344086586_Home_NoLog

Key changes and rationale:

  • Bigger Search bar & Ecommerce Icons. After the user testing, one feedback is the search bar is too small and not easy to find. And as I mentioned in Prototype 1, I add the user account Icon, and Shopping Cart Icon.

  • Less is More. In Prototype 2, I removed the small section for suggested Top attractions.

  • Information hierarchy. As I mentioned above in Prototype 1, make the information more organized and display in hierarchy, showing less information at the same time. This could help people more focus.

  • Increase Visuals. At “Explore More Possibilities”, I removed the detailed deals, using bigger image and when the mouse hover over, it would display the resort’s name.

“Explore More Possibilities”

When the mouse hover over the image, additional information will show up

  • Call-To-Action Button, but not too aggressive. Change red “Buy Tickets” button into orange “View Deals” button. One feedback from the prototype 1, the red red “Buy Tickets” buttons are too many and intense, and the user said they just wanted to check out the detail, but that “Buy Tickets” made them not really want to click on it.

  • Hotel Section. I moved the “Book Hotels” section down to the bottom of the Universal Orlando Resort™ page, since not only one user accidentally thought that was for checking the availability for the resort visiting, and found out it was not. They said if they really want to check out the hotels, they would do it later after they check the resort’s tickets, or they would just go check straight on the “Hotels” section on the header.

  • Calendar availability checking. More than one users complain about the design of Blue man page, saying it’s confusing where to click. I decided to leave only one “Buy Tickets” button on the top. And instead of showing the list options, I put the calendar options as the default one, which had a positive feedback from user testing, saying that it is easier to select the dates they’re looking for.

  • Providing the right Information. The way showing Most Popular Deals was also one of the most issues the users encounter. They said it was hard to find out what are the differences between those deals— they are look similar but with different pricing. I rearranged the layout and put the icons of the resorts when the deal info expanding to help people have a quick understanding what parks included, and also make the important information bigger on the left side.

Final Redesigned Prototype Screenshots


I’m glad to have this opportunity to take a deeper look into one of Entertainment Benefits Group website (TicketsatWork) and discover some of the potentials for website improvement and optimizations. It was fun and interesting to observe other people and learn the way they use the website, and make me rethink what would make the experience better.

The goal of this assignment is to propose optimizations and enhancements to improve website conversion and AOV (average order value). The results I came up with focusing on making it more visual-orientated, more accessible, and also ensuring the changes are seamlessly. I do not want the users come to the redesigned website and feel like they’re visiting another new website. Also, making sure to achieve the business goal at the same time while improving the whole experience is important to this assignment.

What would be the next?

  • Data from analytic tools

  • Usability Tests

  • Mobile Responsive

  • UX Writing

For the next step in the future, I would say I would love to know more users quantity data, for instance, some significant results and user’s behavior collected through the analytic tool. And I would like to run more usability test to see if the redesign work better and what parts should we focus on more. I would further iterate on the experience based on the feedback from the user. I would also like to spend time making sure the experience of responsive website on mobile devices is smooth and easy to use.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest improving the wording on the website (more like UX writing). I believe a clear, easy understanding description could also improve the experience on the website a lot. Overall, I appreciate this opportunity for this Product Page optimization assignment and look forward to working with Product team to improve the website.