Cabiy is founded by two developers and former cab drivers. They saw the difficulties finding a car or a driver and the information car owner and driver needs, so they decided to create a place for the needs. Cabiy is an online platform that people can connect with up to date listings for renting a car or finding a car to drive. Search through owners and drivers from multiple services like Yellow or Green cab, Uber, Lyft, Limos and much more in your location of choice.

The goal: Create a user-centered, intuitive website service for taxi driver and car owner, redesigned from the ground up to fit how people share their vehicles and driving shifts.

What I did:

  • Redesign the UX/UI for the Cabiy website and mobile responsive design

  • Ideating and testing possible solutions that aim to solve business and user needs

  • Creating a visual design language for the product design, including brand logo, and the style guide

Design Process

Existing Website Cabiy

When I was shown the original Cabiy website, it was in its beta version. For the redesign of its landing page, I focused on prioritize the features, which are “Searching”, “Post Listing”, and then other information. The beta version had too many information in one web page, so it was a little overwhelming for users to figure out what they need. Also, even it was obvious to find the search bar to search the car, driver info, but not for the “Posting” features, which the button was not that standing out.

Branding, Logo Design

I also helped redesign the brand visuals. The previous Cabiy was a small car icon with the text Cabiy. I want the brand logo being more calm, since it is a platform providing service to help those drivers. So I picked Corbel as the main typography. And for the small icon, I got the inspiration from the pattern on the side of the New York City taxi, so I made that pattern into a “C” shape, which represents Cabiy.

Cabiy logo and icon

Design Style Guide

User Flows

Ideation, Sketches

I made some sketches to redesign the layout of the website, and also thought about how to make users navigate the website easier. The most crucial features for Cabiy are “Searching” and “Post Listing”, where the user could find the information they needed and solve their problems.

Landing page

Searching Results

Posting Process

Listing Details

Wireframing & Prototyping

Based on the initial sketching, I created some quick wireframes and made them into rapid prototypes to demonstrate the design for landing page sections and the user journey for searching feature.

Hi-Fi Prototypes & Mockups

Landing Page

Responsive Web-Mobile


Cabiy Mobile App Concept (Mock-ups)


Sign up / Log in pages

Dashboard Page

Searching List Page

The user can search and navigate anytime, but they are required to log in/sign up if they wanted to like the post, or contact the car owner/driver.

Post Listing Page Process

Initially it was designed with a one page process form, but in that case, if the user wanted to check the process status bar, they need to scroll all the way up if they were already at second or third steps. So later on we iterated it into a step by step process which might be easier for user to check their process during filling out the form.

Post Listing Page Design

Promotion Flyer

The flyer is made to promote the Cabiy website when it is officially launched. This was print out and shared with the taxi drivers around NYC JFK and LGA airport.